Honda CRF 250cc

Honda CRF 250


Motorcycle Rental Information

We have one Bike Honda CRF 250cc

1 day ₱ 1000


1. Original Passport (deposit) or cash equivalent to the Bike.
2. Xerox Copy Drivers License
3. Deposit for helmets and gasoline

₱ 200 Gasoline deposit for 125cc
₱ 600 Gasoline deposit from 200cc to 600cc
₱ 600 Deposit for new helmets
₱ 300 Deposit for old helmets

Upon returning the bike please have the gas tank filled and have no damage to the unit
returning helmets papers keys and your passport and deposit will be returned.

Unfortunately, we do not rent motorcycles to local people, two motorcycles were stolen from us.
If you are a big biker and you can prove that you are a member of a recognized club, then let us know we will decide from case to case.


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